Ethereum Mist Wallet Command Options

This section describes options of the 'Ethereum Wallet' command.

While Ethereum Mist Wallet is downloading the blockchain, we can also take a look at Ethereum Mist Wallet options by running it with the "-help" option:

C:\>"\herong\win-ia32-unpacked\Ethereum Wallet.exe" -help

Usage: C:\herong\win-ia32-unpacked\Ethereum Wallet.exe 
   -help [Mist options] [Node options]

Mist options:
  --mode, -m      App UI mode: wallet, mist.[string] [default: "wallet"]

  --node          Node to use: geth, eth        [string] [default: null]

  --network       Network to connect to: main, test
                                                [string] [default: null]

  --rpc           Path to node IPC socket file OR HTTP RPC hostport (if
                  IPC socket file then --node-ipcpath will be set with
                  this value).                                  [string]

  --swarmurl      URL serving the Swarm HTTP API. If null, Mist will
                  open a local node.
                             [string] [default: "http://localhost:8500"]

  --gethpath      Path to Geth executable to use instead of default.

  --ethpath       Path to Eth executable to use instead of default.

  --ignore-gpu-blacklist  Ignores GPU blacklist (needed for some Linux
                  installations).                              [boolean]

  --reset-tabs    Reset Mist tabs to their default settings.   [boolean]

  --logfile       Logs will be written to this file in addition to the
                  console.                                      [string]

  --loglevel      Minimum logging threshold: info, debug, error, trace
                  (shows all logs, including possible passwords over
                  IPC!).                      [string] [default: "info"]

  --syncmode      Geth synchronization mode: [fast|light|full]  [string]

  --version, -v   Display Mist version.                        [boolean]

  --skiptimesynccheck Disable checks for the presence of automatic time
                  sync on your OS.                             [boolean]

Node options:
  -  To pass options to the underlying node (e.g. Geth) use the 
     --node- prefix, e.g. --node-datadir

  -h, --help  Show help                                        [boolean]

Now we know how to control behavior of Ethereum Mist Wallet!

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