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What Is Lorentz Factor?
This section introduces Lorentz Factor, which is the factor used in the time dilation and other formulas in special relativity.
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💬 2023-08-03 Victor: You switched which time is proper time and which is dilated time. T' should be the elapsed time of the person at rest.

💬 2022-04-20 Tom: Thankd

💬 2019-08-29 Carl Burrnett: This was immensely helpful in my pursuit of trying to understand theoretical physics.

💬 2017-09-24 Shuvojit khan: There is anothere equation ΔE=PΔT

💬 2017-04-30 Abhishek Dogra: Thanks

Meter Based on Earth's Meridian
This section introduces an old definition of 'meter' which uses the Paris meridian line. A 'meter' is about one ten-millionth of the length of a quadrant of the Paris meridian.
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💬 2017-10-08 Herong: Peter, what's the difference between inaccurate and miscalculated?

💬 2017-10-07 Peter: This explanation is incorrect. You are inferring from speed of light definition and assuming a broader sense of “correct” and wo...

Reciprocity of Time Dilation
This section introduces the reciprocity of time dilation. Elapsed time of a moving clock is slower when measured by a stationary observer; and elapsed time of a stationary clock is slower when measured by a moving observer.
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💬 2020-06-26 Don Pedro: Time dilation as an observer in special relativity ...

💬 2017-12-09 Herong: Hanan, this is just a thought experiment. Actually, Amy and Bob will never be able to measure the other's clock.

💬 2017-12-05 Hanan Abid: And who is right Amy or Bob?? If they could see each other's clock. One clock would definitely be ahead of other or not its just...

The Constancy of the Speed of Light
This section provides a thought experiment to help understanding the second assumption of the special theory of relativity: The constancy of the speed of light.
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💬 2024-06-25 Hiroji Kurihara: Speed of Starlight A glass cube is floating horizontally in outer space. Two rays of starlight coming from the left and right ar...

💬 2022-11-19 Hiroji Kurihara: Light is Propagated in Two Ways              In outer space, a starlight is reflected by a mirror. There is a formula c = ...

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💬 2022-04-27 Hiroji kurihara: Sorry, last a few words of my post (04-25's) are missing. It is.... m<m/2+m/2.

💬 2018-12-18 Herong: Hiroji, Thanks for sharing your comment and the article. I will definitely read it.

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Newton's Third Law of Motion
This section introduces Newton's Third Law of Motion - If a force is exerted by one object to another object, another force is simultaneously exerted by the second object to the first object with equal strength and opposite direction.
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💬 2017-11-28 jimmy savile: little kids

Meter Based on Seconds Pendulum
This section introduces an old definition of 'meter' which uses a seconds pendulum. A 'meter' is the length of a seconds pendulum, which swings a full cycle in 2 seconds in small angles.
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💬 2017-06-14 Terry: I am going to try this

Newton's Second Law of Motion
This section introduces Newton's Second Law of Motion - The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the net force acting on the object, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.
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💬 2018-03-21 datboi: bojour

💬 2016-09-21 jjjjjjjjjr: This pic is awsome

Measuring Speed of Light - Fizeau's Method
This section describes the method used by Armand Fizeau to measure the speed of light using using a rotating toothed wheel and a mirror.
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💬 2022-01-22 nina: just wanted to do this math question

PDF Printing Version: Notes on Physics
Information on how to obtain the PDF version of this book for printing.
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💬 2022-04-13 amritash mukherjee: simplistically explained a very complex subject

💬 2017-08-03 zanchin: Thank you for the good work!

Measuring Speed of Light - Roemer's Method
This section describes the method used by Ole Roemer to measure the speed of light using changes of observed eclipse periods of Jupiter's moon.
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💬 2022-06-22 nina: :))))

Relativity of Simultaneity in Minkowski Diagram
This section provides a demonstration of the relativity of simultaneity phenomenon using a Minkowski diagram.
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💬 2019-01-17 hiroji kurihara: Relativity of simultaneity From just above, plane waves of star light are coming horizontally. An observer stands on the ground ...

Galilean Diagram of Moving Frames
This section presents a single diagram that represents a moving frame overlaid on a stationary frame. The time axis of the moving frame is rotated towards the moving direction.
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💬 2017-09-27 Salih Kırcalar: John David Best has his web site Vida İnstitute. He put my articles page in 'Timeflow Theory' 'http://vidainstitute.org/?page_id.. .

Reciprocity of Length Contraction
This section introduces the reciprocity of length contraction. Length of a moving object is shorter when measured by a stationary observer; and length of a stationary object is shorter when measured by a moving observer.
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💬 2021-01-31 Herong: Abhinav, which part is confusing?

💬 2021-01-14 Abhinav: This is confusing

References Used in Notes on Physics
List of reference materials used in this book.
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💬 2020-07-02 Mangala: Important information

Falling Ball in Earth Frame of Reference
This section provides an example of a falling ball in the Earth frame of reference, where we need to add the gravitational force to make Newton's First and Second Laws of Motion valid.
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