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Free Web Services Tutorials This tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was testing free Web services available on the Internet. Topics include Introduction of SOAP and REST Web services; Zeep Python library as SOAP client; SoapUI Web Service Testing Tool; Web service examples: Mock Web services; Get All Countries and Territories; Get Cities by Country; Get Latitudes and Longitude of US City; Get Airport Code; Get Country by IP Address; Convert Temperature/Length Units; Generate Bar Code Image; Calculate Mortgage Payment; Get Currency Exchange Rate; Get Stock Quote; Get the Current Time; Get Sun Rise/Set Time; Get Weather by US ZIP Code; Get Flickr Photos; Get Bitcoin block, transaction and wallet data; Search and retrieve chemical compounds. Updated in 2024 (Version v2.13) with minor changes.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Python SOAP Client: Zeep

What Is Zeep Python Library

Installing Python Engine on macOS

Installing Zeep Library

Parsing WSDL Documents with Zeep Library

Invoking WSDL Services with Zeep Library

Invoking WSDL Default Service

Dump SOAP Request and Response Messages

WSDL 2.0 Not Supported by Zeep Library

SoapUI - Web Service Testing Tool

What Is SoapUI

Downloading and Installing SoapUI

Creating SoapUI Test Projects

Creating and Running Script

SOAP Web Service and SoapUI

What Is SOAP Web Service

What Is WSDL Document

A Sample WSDL 2.0 Document

Creating SOAP Project with WSDL

SOAP Project Interface Viewer

SOAP Web Service Request Template

Calling SOAP Web Service

HTTP Request and Response Raw Data

REST Web Service and SoapUI

What Is REST Web Service

Hello REST Web Service

WADL (Web Application Description Language)

Loading WADL Documents into SoapUI

Viewing REST Service Properties

REST Web Service Request Template

Submitting REST Test Requests

HTTP Request and Response Raw Data

Creating REST Project without WADL

Mock Web Services -

Hello_WSDL_11_SOAP - The Simplest Mock Service

Mock Registration - SOAP 1.2 with Document Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock Reservation - SOAP 1.2 with Document Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock RefillOrder - SOAP 1.2 with Document Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock GetExchangeRate - SOAP 1.2 with RPC Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock GetStockPrice - SOAP 1.2 with RPC Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock Registration - SOAP 1.1 with Document Style Described in WSDL_1.1

Mock Reservation - SOAP 1.1 with Document Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock RefillOrder - SOAP 1.1 with Document Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock GetExchangeRate - SOAP 1.1 with RPC Style in WSDL_1.1

Mock GetStockPrice - SOAP 1.1 with RPC Style in WSDL_1.1

"SoapResponder" and Web Service Test Tool

SoapResponder - Echo 2 Parameters

Online Testing Tool for Web Services

"Calculator" for 4 Integer Operations

"Calculator" - WSDL and Operations

"Calculator" Example - "Add" Operation

DataFlex Web Service for Country Information

Operations Provided by DataFlex Web Service

Test DataFlex with Zeep Python Library

DataFlex - "ListOfCountryNamesByName" Operation

DataFlex - "FullCountryInfo" Operation

LatLonListCityNames - Return Latitudes and Longitudes of US Cities

LatLonListCityNames - Usage Description

LatLonListCityNames - Request Message Sample

LatLonListCityNames - Response Message Sample

LatLonListZipCode - Return Latitudes and Longitudes of US Zip Code

LatLonListZipCode - Usage Description

LatLonListZipCode - Request Message Sample

LatLonListZipCode - Response Message Sample

TempConvert Web Service for Temperature Conversion

Operations Provided by TempConvert Web Service

Test TempConvert with Zeep Python Library

TempConvert - "FahrenheitToCelsius" Operation

NDFDgenByDay - US Weather Forecast by Day

NDFDgenByDay - Usage Description

NDFDgenByDay - Request Message Sample

NDFDgenByDay - Response Message Sample

NDFDgen - US-Weather Forecast for a Single Location

NDFDgen - Usage Description

NDFDgen - Request Message Sample

NDFDgen - Response Message Sample

NDFDgen - Weather Forecast with Specific Parameters

Currency Exchange Rate

Currency Exchange Rate - Usage Description

Get Latest Exchange Rates

Get Historical Exchange Rates

Bitcoin Blockchain Data API (or Explorer)

flickr.interestingness.getList - Get Interesting Photos

UUID/GUID Generator

UUID/GUID Generator - Usage Description

UUID Version 1 Generator

UUID Version 4 Generator

GUID Generator

NumberToWords - Convert Number in Digits to Words

NumberToWords - Usage Description

NumberToWords - Request Message Sample

NumberToWords - Response Message Sample

TitleCaseWordsWithToken - Words to Title Case Format

TitleCaseWordsWithToken - Usage Description

TitleCaseWordsWithToken - Request Message Sample

TitleCaseWordsWithToken - Response Message Sample

"PUG SOAP" Web Service for PubChem Database

RSC - ChemSpider APIs

ChemSpider APIs - Usage Description

ChemSpider APIs - FilterByFormulaRequest

ChemSpider APIs - Get Query Status

ChemSpider APIs - Get Query Results

ChemSpider APIs - Get Record Details

Discontinued: Currency Converter by

GetCurrencyRate - Usage Description

GetCurrencyRate - Request Message Sample

GetCurrencyRate - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetCountries - Get All Countries and Territories

GetCountries - Usage Description

GetCountries - Request Message Sample

GetCountries - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetCurrencies - Get Currencies from All Countries

GetCurrencies - Usage Description

GetCurrencies - Request Message Sample

GetCurrencies - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetGMTbyCountry - Get GMT Information of a Given Country

GetGMTbyCountry - Usage Description

GetGMTbyCountry - Request Message Sample

GetGMTbyCountry - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetISD - Get ISD Phone Code of a Given Country

GetISD - Usage Description

GetISD - Request Message Sample

GetISD - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetCitiesByCountry - Get Cities by Country

GetCitiesByCountry - Usage Description

GetCitiesByCountry - Request Message Sample

GetCitiesByCountry - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetInfoByState - Get ZIP Codes of a Given US State

GetInfoByState - Usage Description

GetInfoByState - Request Message Sample

GetInfoByState - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetAirportInformationByCountry - Get Airport Code by Country

GetAirportInformationByCountry - Usage Description

GetAirportInformationByCountry - Request Message Sample

GetAirportInformationByCountry - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetGeoIP - Get Country by IP Address

GetGeoIP - Usage Description

GetGeoIP - Request Message Sample

GetGeoIP - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: ConvertTemp - Convert Temperature Unit

ConvertTemp - Usage Description

ConvertTemp - Request Message Sample

ConvertTemp - Response Message Sample

Converting Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

Discontinued: ChangeLengthUnit - Convert Length Unit

ChangeLengthUnit - Usage Description

ChangeLengthUnit - Request Message Sample

ChangeLengthUnit - Response Message Sample

Converting Length from Feet to Meters

Discontinued: ConvertWeight - Convert Weight Unit

ConvertWeight - Usage Description

ConvertWeight - Request Message Sample

ConvertWeight - Response Message Sample

Converting Weight from Grams to Pounds

Discontinued: ChangeAreaUnit - Convert Area Unit

ChangeAreaUnit - Usage Description

ChangeAreaUnit - Request Message Sample

ChangeAreaUnit - Response Message Sample

Converting Area from Square Meter to Square Foot

Discontinued: Code39 - Generate Bar Code Images in Code 39 Format

Code39 - Usage Description

Code39 - Request Message Sample

Code39 - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GenerateBarCode - Generate Bar Code Images

GenerateBarCode - Usage Description

GenerateBarCode - Request Message Sample

GenerateBarCode - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetMortgagePayment - Calculate Mortgage Payment

GetMortgagePayment - Usage Description

GetMortgagePayment - Request Message Sample

GetMortgagePayment - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: ConversionRate - Get Currency Exchange Rate

ConversionRate - Usage Description

ConversionRate - Request Message Sample

ConversionRate - Response Message Sample

Exchange Rate from Euro to US Dollar

Discontinued: GetQuote - Get Stock Quote

GetQuote - Usage Description

GetQuote - Request Message Sample

GetQuote - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: GetSunSetRiseTime - Get Sunrise and Sunset Time

GetSunSetRiseTime - Usage Description

GetSunSetRiseTime - Request Message Sample

GetSunSetRiseTime - Response Message Sample

Longest Day of the Year at Reykjavik in Iceland

Discontinued: GetWeatherByZipCode - Get Weather by ZIP Code in US

GetWeatherByZipCode - Usage Description

GetWeatherByZipCode - Request Message Sample

GetWeatherByZipCode - Moved to

GetWeatherByZipCode - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: getTime - Get the Current Time

getTime - Usage Description

getTime - HTTP Request Sample

getTime - Response Message Sample

getTime Response in JSON Format

getTime Response in PHP Format

Discontinued: questionSearch - Search Yahoo! Questions and Answers

questionSearch - Usage Description

questionSearch - HTTP Request Sample

questionSearch - Response Message Sample

Discontinued: Hotwire - Get Travel Ticker Deals

Travel Ticker Deals - Usage Description

Travel Ticker Deals - HTTP Request Sample

Travel Ticker Deals - Response Message Sample

Archived Tutorials

Archived: Get Bitcoin Blockchain Network Info

Archived: Get Bitcoin Block Data

Archived: Get Bitcoin Transaction Data

Archived: Get Wallet Content by Address

Archived: Get Wallet Property by Address

Archived: Downloading and Installing SoapUI 5.2

Archived: Downloading and Installing SoapUI 3.6.1


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