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This section provides a response message sample of questionSearch Web service.

The response of questionSearch Web service can be delivered in "xml", "json", "php" or "rss" message format. It contains a list of questions that match the specified key words. Answers to each question are also included in the response.

Here is the response message of questionSearch in "xml" message format:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2011 03:45:21 GMT
P3P: policyref="", CP="CAO DSP COR ...
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Connection: close
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8
Content-Encoding: gzip
Cache-Control: private

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>
<ResultSet xsi:schemaLocation="urn:yahoo:answers" 
   <Question id="20080113093323AA9hMe1" type="Answered">
      <Content>In Nebraska and California, how old do you have to be 
to drink beer? Okay...legally.</Content>
      <Date>2008-01-13 09:33:23</Date>
      <Category id="396545371">Beer, Wine &amp; Spirits</Category>
      <UserNick>Lucy loved life...</UserNick>
   <Question id="20080214220746AAZNpw5" type="Answered">
      <Content>i picked up some Brahma beer and on the side of the 
box it sead for export only  prohidited to sell in brasil but its made 
in brasil???? WTF ???
      <Date>2008-02-14 22:07:46</Date>
      <Category id="396545371">Beer, Wine &amp; Spirits
      <UserNick>Andy B</UserNick>
      <ChosenAnswer>That beer is bonded for export only.
Which means it is produced specifically for export 
ususallly for tax considerations</ChosenAnswer>
   <Question id="20070903223415AAzx4KU" type="Answered">
      <Content>do you like beer and what kind and why?</Content>
      <Date>2007-09-03 22:34:15</Date>
      <Category id="396546444">Polls &amp; Surveys</Category>
      <UserNick>BIG DADDY BEER</UserNick>
      <ChosenAnswererNick>KING KJORS</ChosenAnswererNick>
   <Question id="20080519042752AAqFQmr" type="Answered">
      <Subject>Why is beer and alcohol so important in peoples life?
      <Content>A lot of people drink beer everyday. When people want 
beer they demand it. If theres no beer they will go crazy. Why people 
think it makes such a difference in what beer they get. It all taste 
nasty. How could some people like the taste? What is your favorite 
thing about beer? Why should it be such a huge part of society. People 
get killed from drunk driving?
      <Date>2008-05-19 04:27:52</Date>
      <Category id="396545371">Beer, Wine &amp; Spirits</Category>
Beer is important in different people's lives for different reasons. Me? 
Two reasons... 1) it pays the bills; 2) there is nothing better than 
enjoying the perfect glass of good beer. 

Many specific beers are overrated (Bud, Miller Lite, Heineken, Stella, 
Corona, etc.) but beer as a whole is not overrated at all. Rather, beer 
is often mistakenly looked down upon as the drink of peasants, when it 
actually was the drink of many kings as well!

People who are desperate for it don't know how to enjoy it. People who 
are desperate for anything don't know how to enjoy those things. I think 
this is yet another broad generalization. 

It is important to me because I love beer. I love a great session IPA 
with friends, an Oktoberfest at a pig roast, a Hefeweizen after mowing 
the lawn, a Russian Imperial Stout with a great cigar, etc. I love how 
it's made, how it tastes, how it smells, it's history, our history 
because of it, etc. 

Beer is important to society because society was created as a result of 
the first discovery of beer! Before beer, people were nomads, roaming the 
deserts and grasslands. roughly 8000 years ago in the Babylonian / 
Sumerian region, a bowl of grains was left out in the rain. The next day 
it was bubbling as the yeast became active and fermentation began. Beer 
was born, and people stopped moving around so much... they wanted to brew 

The temperature and glassware guidelines, as well as the freshness, is 
linked to the ultimate enjoyment of a particular beer. Sure, there are 
times when you may be on a boat or somewhere with less-than-ideal 
conditions, but the rules exist as more general guidelines to enhance the 
tasting experience.


<! compressed/chunked Sat Jul 23 20:45:21 PDT 2011-->

Very interesting questions and answers on beer, right?

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