jconsole - Command Options and Connection Window

This section describes the 'jconsole' command and its options. The connection window of the JDK 1.6 version is also included.

What Is "jconsole"? - "jconsole" is a graphical user interface tool that enables you to monitor and manage Java applications and virtual machines on a local or remote machine using the JMX technology.

"jconsole" has been included in JDK installation since JDK 1.5. And it is represented by the %java_home%\bin\jconsole.exe program file.

If you have %java_home%\bin directory included in "path" the environment variable, you can run "jconsole -help" to see its "jconsole" command options:

herong> jconsole -help

usage: jconsole [ -interval=n ] [ -notile ] [ -pluginpath <path> ]
  [ -version ] [ connection ... ]

-interval  Set the update interval to n seconds (default is 4 seconds)
-notile    Do not tile windows initially (for two or more connections)
-pluginpath Specify the path that jconsole uses to look up the plugins
-version   Print program version

connection = pid || host:port || JMX URL(service:jmx:<protocol>://...)
pid        The process id of a target process
host       A remote host name or IP address
port       The port number for the remote connection

-J         Specify the input arguments to the Java virtual machine
           on which jconsole is running

If you run the "jconsole" command without any option, you will get the connection window as shown below:

jconsole Connection Window
jconsole Connection Window

This connection window allows you to specify the connection information from UI instead of the command line.

For more information, see "jconsole" reference page at https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/17/docs/specs/man/jconsole.html.

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