'jstat' - JVM Statistics Monitoring Tool

This chapter provides tutorial notes on JVM statistics monitoring tools. Topics include listing JVM processes with 'jps', the JVM remote monitoring server - 'jstatd', Java security policy file, connecting 'jps' and 'jstat' to a remote machine, RMI protocol and URL, getting garbage collection statistics with 'jstat -gcutil'.

'jps' - JVM Process Status Tool

Listing JVM Processes on the Local Machine with "jps"

'jstatd' - JVM Remote Monitoring Server

Starting 'jstatd' with a Security Policy File

Connecting to 'jps' to Remote 'jstatd'

'jstat' Command Options and Parameters

Garbage Collection Testing Program

'jstat -gcutil' - Garbage Collection Statistics

Accessing Remote JVM Processes with 'jstat'


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