JVM Troubleshooting Tools

This chapter tutorial notes on JVM troubleshooting tools. Topics include 'jinfo' to check JVM option values, 'jstack' to dump stack traces and detect deadlocks, 'jmap' to print heap histogram and dump heap files, 'jhat' to browse head files and run OQL queries.

JVM Troubleshooting Tools in JDK 1.5

'jinfo' - VM Option Value Checker

Changing HotSpot VM Option using 'jinfo'

'jstack' - Stack Tracer to Generate Thread Dump

What Is a Thread Dump?

Java Thread Deadlock Demo Program

Detecting Java Thread Deadlocks with 'jstack'

'jmap' - JVM Heap Dump Tool

Printing Histogram of Java Object Heap

Generating Heap Dump File with 'jmap'

'jhat' - Java Heap Analysis Tool

Starting 'jhat' Web Server on a Heap Dump File

Listing Instance Counts of All Classes

Browsing Object Instance Values

Object Query Language (OQL)

Searching for Instances with OQL Statements


Table of Contents

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 Java Tools Terminology

 Installing Java 8 on Windows

 'javac' - The Java Program Compiler

 'java' - The Java Program Launcher

 'jdb' - The Java Debugger

 'jconsole' - Java Monitoring and Management Console

 'jstat' - JVM Statistics Monitoring Tool

JVM Troubleshooting Tools

 jvisualvm (Java VisualVM) - JVM Visual Tool

 'jar' - The JAR File Tool

 'javap' - The Java Class File Disassembler

 'keytool' - Public Key Certificate Tool

 'native2ascii' - Native-to-ASCII Encoding Converter

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