Sending log to (Garmin Oregon 750)

'Opening UTF-16BE Text Files' tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

The Opening UTF-16BE Text Files tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

Subject: Sending log to (Garmin Oregon 750)
Date: Jan 4, 2020
Author: By Raiden38

> Actually, the geocache_visits.txt file is ALMOST a simple text file.  It may
> appear so in a simple text editor like Notepad and will just have some odd
> spaces showing in > Wordpad, but do NOT try to edit one with a simple text
> editor 

I went back to a conversation with Raine in 2008 when geocache_visits first
roamed the earth. It was officially decreed to be UTF-16. (I didn't get a vote.
Windows digs UTF-16, but the rest of the computing world  largely considers it a

Most of the better text editors (not word processors) allow you to control the
character set if they can't automatically detect it. I don't remember if it's
big or little endian (and that ambiguity is on of the problems with UTF-16) but
it should be pass fail to try either setting. The difference is whether a latin
'A' is encoded as bytes 0x00 0x41 or 0x41 0x00. It looks like Notepad can be set
to work with either one: 

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Sending log to (Garmin Oregon 750)

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