CMD Prompt is blank, no text

'Command Processor AutoRun - Registry Value' tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

The Command Processor AutoRun - Registry Value tutorial was cited in a article in 2020.

Subject: CMD Prompt is blank, no text
Date: 2020-01-17
Author: BrickMan

When i open .cmd, .bat files or cmd, it shows as A blank window, with no text.

  My questions :
  What causes this problem?
  How can I fix it?
  Some screenshots to give more info about my problem :
  When I try to open CMD :enter image description here
  When I try to open a batch file :enter image description here

Step by step solution that I used :
  Open regedit.exe
  Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Command Processor.
  If the Autorun string value exists, delete it.
  Right Click > New > String value.
  Name it Autorun.
  Right Click > Modify
  Replace the Value data with color 0f & color 0f.
  Press OK.
  You can replace color 0f with color (any color).

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CMD Prompt is blank, no text



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