New Media Workshop [COMM7200]

'Chinese Web Pages with UTF-8 Encoding' tutorial was cited in a Hong Kong Baptist University course reading list in 2015.

The Chinese Web Pages with UTF-8 Encoding tutorial was cited in a Hong Kong Baptist University course reading list in 2015.

Subject: New Media Workshop [COMM7200]
Date: Nov 4, 2015
Author: Nathan Esquenazi

Course Content Readings

4.2 The World Wide Web
HTML and CSS Tutorial Create Your own Complete Website (4:42:49)
Two Videos "HTML tags" & "HTML links" (11:00 & 7:47)
CodeAcademy HTML & CSS
W3schools CSS
W3schools CSS
W3schools HTML
W3schools javascript
Chinese Webpages: See
   /charset-UTF-8-Chinese-HTML-Documents.html for instructions
   on how to create Chinese-character webages.
Camtasia free 30-day trial available:
W3schools HTML media
W3schools HTML youtube
embed YouKu videos in your HTML
ClipGrab: for capturing videos from the Internet.
explaination of video formats:
Camtasia Tutorials:
Disruptive influence: Can the media industry adapt to a model of news
at all times, all the time?

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 SSL/TLS Overview - Change Cipher Spec Protocol

 PFX to Java Keystore / Extract private key from Java Keystore

 Android talks #08 decompiling android applications

 Cpronto 2.5 Administration Guide


 Cryptographic Protocols - The Peruvian Coin Flip

 How to View XML Files

 Bug 378637 - Add support for connecting to HTTP proxy over HTTPS

 an information literacy technology for chemistry documents

 org.jruby.exceptions.RaiseException: stack level too deep

 Another function that helps programmers calculate


 Application of the Enhanced SHA-1

New Media Workshop [COMM7200]

 Apex Soap call authentication problem

 Recording Video of an Android Device

 Java HTTPS server code failing

 How to Capture Logcat Files Using ADB

 Modifying and Recompiling Settings.APK

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