Another function that helps programmers calculate

'VBScript Built-in Functions' tutorial was cited in ITT Technical Institute Norwood course notes in 2015.

The VBScript Built-in Functions tutorial was cited in ITT Technical Institute Norwood course notes in 2015.

Subject: Another function that helps programmers calculate
Date: June 6, 2015
Author: ITT Technical Institute Norwood

If you want to display your currency values to two decimal places with
a dollar sign and commas when applicable you would use the Format()
function . This returns a Variant (convertible to a String) data type
formatted to look the way you need. Programmers would also use the
strFormat function to format values. For example: "Currency" Ensures
that a dollar sign ($) appears before the formatted value, followed by
a thousands separator so two decimal places will always show. "Fixed"
Displays at least one digit before and two digits following the
decimal point, with no thousands separator.

VB includes date and time functions to assist programmers with the
task of recording the date and time of the program run. The
DateSerial() and TimeSerial()


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Another function that helps programmers calculate


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