Application of the Enhanced SHA-1

'Digital Signature Scheme for Email Messages' tutorial was cited in a JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES RESEARCH paper in 2015.

The Digital Signature Scheme for Email Messages tutorial was cited in a JOURNAL OF APPLIED SCIENCES RESEARCH paper in 2015.

Subject: Application of the Enhanced SHA-1 for On-line Authentication
   and Security of Documents
Date: 31 October 2015
Author: Christine Charmaine G. San Jose, Bobby D. Gerardo and
   Bartolome T. Tanguilig III

A digital signature consists of a mathematical
calculation that demonstrates the authenticity of a
message. Dr. Herong Yang [14] discussed the use of
hash algorithm in a digital scheme for e-mail
messages. A digital signature scheme for e-mail
messages consist of a sender that has a privatepublic
pair, a sender generates a digital signature the
private key and a message digest of the original
email, a digital signature is attached to the email and
delivered to the receiver, a receiver decrypts the
digital signature using the sender's public key and
compares with the message digest of the received
email and lastly, the receiver knows that received
email has been tampered with by a third party if the
message digest does not match the decrypted digital

13. Phys.Org, 2009. “Bell Labs breaks optical transmission record”,

14. Yang, H., Digital Signature Scheme for E-mail Messages. PKI

15. Schneier, B., 2005. Schneier Security. Article: Cryptanalysis of

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Application of the Enhanced SHA-1

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