Java: Catching Stack Overflow

'Stack Overflow Error' tutorial was cited a in Mac Forums article in 2004.

The Stack Overflow Error tutorial was cited in a Mac Forums article in 2004. Note that my Geocities site has been moved to now.

Subject: Re: Java: catching stack overflow / sigbus error
Date: Jun 12, 2004
Author: kingjr3

   Originally Posted by MacNeXT
   But what do you mean with "crash a JVM with stack overflows"?

Sounds more like a code issue to me. You are so quick to blame the
JVM. Have you tried Profiling your application?


ALthough JVMs have improved since 2002, I would venture to guess these
 simple programs are still effective at crashing a JVM.

Aside - Worth a shot, but wrap your code with a try/catch and instead
of catching Exception, catch Throwable.

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