Java - Boolean

'Execution Process, Entry Point, Input and Output' tutorial was cited in a Xtreme Visual Basic Talk article in 2004.

The Execution Process, Entry Point, Input and Output tutorial was cited in a Xtreme Visual Basic Talk article in 2004. Note that my Geocities site has been moved to now.

Subject: java - boolean
Date: Feb 17, 2004
Author:  hedgehog24

>ive made a program so far, however when you select a member in the
>search i wanted it to prompt, "is this the correct member (y/n)" the
>problem is i dont know how to code it in java, ive looked through the
>forum and seen no example of y/n or true false from what i could find.
>could some1 give me an example. ?

I think mrjeffy's solution will work. However the optionpane dialog
will show up as a Window Dialog and your program execution probably
won't now automatically terminate at the end of your main() function.

To read input from the consol I think you are meant to use
and read console input exactly like file i/o. I'm sure there is a i/o
tutorial on sun's java site but this page:
might contain information for what you want to do.

Alternatively you could use this class to keep things

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Java - Boolean

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