J2SE Unicode 转化为 GB2312

'Java Program Mapping Unicode to GB2312' tutorial was cited in a CJSDN forum article in Chinese language in 2004.

The Java Program Mapping Unicode to GB2312 tutorial was cited in a CJSDN forum article in Chinese language in 2004. Note that my Geocities site has been moved to herongyang.com now.

Subject: Re: j2se Unicode 转化为 gb2312
Date: Aug 31, 2004
Author: why
Source: http://www.cjsdn.net/post/view?bid=1&id=106347&tpg=1

>>高手好,有谁知道知道Unicode 转化为 gb2312的规则,请指点!谢谢
>    String unicode = "\u4444\u8888";
>    String gb2312 = new String(unicode.getBytes("UTF-8"), "GB2312");

I am wondering whether this would work. If so, why would someone
worked out something like this:

Herong's Notes on GB2312 Character Set

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J2SE Unicode 转化为 GB2312

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