Send Ether from One Account to Another

This section describes how to send Ether from one account to another.

The quickest way to send Ether from one account to another account is to use the eth.sendTransaction() method on the "geth" JavaScript console:

1. Set 3 variables to represent the sender account, the receiver account, the Ether amount to transfer:

> sender = eth.accounts[0]

> receiver = "0x485410d2e7b8bfb6f78e5e5acf7d1057cb853fce"

> amount = web3.toWei(0.5,"ether")

2. Call eth.sendTransaction() to submit the Ether transfer transaction:

> eth.sendTransaction({from:sender, to:receiver, value:amount})
Error: authentication needed: password or unlock
    at web3.js:3143:20
    at web3.js:6347:15
    at web3.js:5081:36

3. Unlock the "sender" account by providing the password to open the keystore file. This allows "geth" to use private key to sign the transaction:

> personal.unlockAccount(sender)
Unlock account 0x05d4e1a499775ce9d681abd50bda655c7b5ccb90

4. Submit the Ether transfer transaction again:

> eth.sendTransaction({from:sender, to:receiver, value:amount})

Done! Remember the transaction ID and wait for this transaction to be included in the next block and get added to the blockchain.

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