What Is ethereumfaucet.info

This section describes what is ethereumfaucet.info - mining ether with browser.

What Is ethereumfaucet.info? Back in 2018, ethereumfaucet.info offered a Web browser based Ethereum miner, that allows you to join a mining pool and use your browser to generate hashes for the pool.

Today, ethereumfaucet.info runs as a Ethereum Classic Faucet giving out free Ether money using income from ads placed on the Website. Here is what it promises:

We're giving away ETH every 60 minutes!

    100 gwei = 0.000,000,100 ETH (30%) 
    200 gwei = 0.000,000,200 ETH (65%) 
    500 gwei = 0.000,000,500 ETH (3%) 
  1,000 gwei = 0.000,001,000 ETH (1.9%) 
  4,000 gwei = 0.000,004,000 ETH (0.099%) 
400,000 gwei = 0.000,400,000 ETH (0.001%)

If there are 100 request in the queue, you need to wait for about 4 days to get probably 200 gwei, which is 0.000,000,2 Ether, or $0.008, not even a penny.

Here is what I tried as a test.

1. Go to http://ethereumfaucet.info.

2. Enter my Ether address in the ads section.

3. Click continue. I see an error: "Invalid input response". If you are lucky, your request will be queued to receive some free Ether money.

Ethereum Faucet - ethereumfaucet.info
Ethereum Faucet - ethereumfaucet.info

Actually, ethereumfaucet.info is as part of Ethereum faucet network, running the same free faucet software.

When I requested for free Ether on the second faucet, http://www.etcfaucet.info, I was lucky to get 50,000 gwei, which is 0.000,050 Ether, or $0.20, not too bad.

But that Ether money is on hold at etcfaucet.info. I can withdraw it only if the balance reaches 0.006 Ether. In other words, I have to come this Website requesting free Ether money for more than 100 times to get paid.

So I made another request to get free Ether. But this time, I got the "You have already claimed in the last 60 minutes". Looks like I have to wait for 1 hour to make the second request.

So if I make 8 requests in 8 hours a day, I need to spend 12 days to accumulate 0.006 Ether, about $24.00, at etcfaucet.info to withdraw it and send it to my Ether address.

I don't know if I want to continue to play this with etcfaucet.info, it not only time consuming, but also facing constant bombardment of their ads.

Ethereum Faucet - etcfaucet.info
Ethereum Faucet - etcfaucet.info

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