Publishing with XML - Herong's Tutorial Examples

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Publishing with XML This book describes some ideas of how to use XML technologies to help publishing your books on your own Websites. Those ideas are implemented into a publishing tool called hyPub, which is also presented in this book.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Ideas on Publishing Books using XML

Overview of hyPub - A Simple XML Publishing Tool

Writing Book Contents in XHTML Source Files

Book Source File Structure

Variables Used in Book Source Files

Inserting Anchors in Book Source Files

Transforming Book Source Files with XSL Technology

What Is XSL (eXtensible Style Language)?

Introduction to XSL Templates?

xalan - XSL Transformation Processing Engine

How XSL Technology Is Used in hyPub?

Designing Web Page Layouts with Tables

Using "table" Elements for Page Layouts

Border Layout for Web Pages

Adding a Frame for the Center Area

Adding Headers and Footers

Controlling Web Page Appearance with CSS

What Is CSS?

Suggested CSS Definitions for Book Web Pages

Assigning CSS Files to Web Pages

Sharing HTML Codes with JavaScript Files

What Is JavaScript?

How JavaScript Is Used in hyPub?

Generating Web Pages with hyPub

Requirements on Web Page Files

Web Page Files Generation Steps

Web Page Generation with hyPub Perl Programs

hyPub Sample Web Pages and Source Code

Formatting Printable Documents with XSL-FO

What Is XSL-FO (XSL Formatting Objects)

Example of XSL-FO Document -

Installing Apache FOP - XSL-FO Processor

Formatting XSL-FO Files to Text Files Using FOP

Formatting XSL-FO Files to PDF Files Using FOP

Formatting XML Files to PDF Files with XSLT

Tranforming XML Files with XSLT Stylesheets

Generating PDF Documents with hyPub

Requirements on PDF Version

PDF Documents Generation Steps

PDF Document Generation with hyPub Perl Programs

hyPub Sample PDF Documents and Source Code

Areas of Future Improvements


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