Publishing Books Using XML Technologies
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 4.01

hyPub Sample Web Pages and Source Code

This section describes how to see sample Web pages generated from hyPub and how to obtain hyPub source code.

If you want to see sample Web pages generated by hyPub, you can visit the Web site of this book: The entire book Web pages are generated by hyPub without any manual modifications.

If you are interested in using hyPub to publish your own books as Web pages, you can obtain a copy of hyPub package, which consists of the following source codes:

  • - The Perl program that perform most of the work for generating Web pages.
  • XSL stylesheet files - Used to transform XML source files to Web pages.
  • _hypub.css - CSS file to provide formatting style properties for Web pages.
  • _hypub.js - JavaScript file to provide common HTML source code Web pages.

hyPub package is available as part of the PDF version of this book. Please visit on how to obtain the PDF version of this book and hyPub package.

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Ideas on Publishing Books using XML

 Overview of hyPub - A Simple XML Publishing Tool

 Writing Book Contents in XHTML Source Files

 Transforming Book Source Files with XSL Technology

 Designing Web Page Layouts with Tables

 Controlling Web Page Appearance with CSS

 Sharing HTML Codes with JavaScript Files

Generating Web Pages with hyPub

 Requirements on Web Page Files

 Web Page Files Generation Steps

 Web Page Generation with hyPub Perl Programs

hyPub Sample Web Pages and Source Code

 Formatting Printable Documents with XSL-FO

 Generating PDF Documents with hyPub

 Areas of Future Improvements


 PDF Printing Version

Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2007
hyPub Sample Web Pages and Source Code