Publishing Books Using XML Technologies
Dr. Herong Yang, Version 4.01

Areas of Future Improvements

List of areas of future improvements in hyPub.

  • When XML elements are embedded in XSL files, their white spaces are removed. This results very long lines in the output files.
  • When empty XML elements embedded in XSL files, their ending tags are replaced with shorthand formats. This is causing problems with the "script" tag in with Internet Explorer, where <script src="_hyPub.js" type="text/javascript"/> is not a working. I worked around this problem by using a dummy JavaScript statement like this: <script src="_hyPub.js" type="text/javascript">x=1;</script>.
  • I had problems with the CSS to hold the page width to 728 pixels if there is not enough text to fill in the page width. I worked around this problem by using a long line (728 pixels) in a GIF file.
  • Currently, I am using a table with stretched dot images to add the frame around the page area. This can probably be replace by CSS property settings.
  • More navigational links should be added, like "Previous" and "Next" links.
  • RSS syndication support should be added to help other Websites to extract your book information.

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Ideas on Publishing Books using XML

 Overview of hyPub - A Simple XML Publishing Tool

 Writing Book Contents in XHTML Source Files

 Transforming Book Source Files with XSL Technology

 Designing Web Page Layouts with Tables

 Controlling Web Page Appearance with CSS

 Sharing HTML Codes with JavaScript Files

 Generating Web Pages with hyPub

 Formatting Printable Documents with XSL-FO

 Generating PDF Documents with hyPub

Areas of Future Improvements


 PDF Printing Version

Dr. Herong Yang, updated in 2007
Areas of Future Improvements