Ideas on Publishing Books using XML

This section lists ideas and objectives on publishing books using XML technologies.

1. Authors should be able to write the book content in a single source file format independent of the final publishing format, even if multiple publishing formats are needed.

2. XML file format should be used as the source file format to store the book content. The advantages of using XML to store the source file are so obvious. XML files are well structured for other processes to perform further manipulation. XML files are also clear text files that can be edited by almost any editors.

3. There is no need to design a new XML schema for storing the source files. We can use the well known XHTML schema to store source files for simple books. There are several nice advantages of the XHTML schema:

4. The XHTML book source file should only contain the textual content and the structure of the book. Presentation layouts and formatting information should be stored separately as Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) files and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) files. Obviously, this allows authors to concentrate on the book contents without worry too much about the presentation of the book. Publishers can easily change book's presentations through XSL and CSS files.

5. Simple tools should be developed to help transform the book source files to their final publishing formats.

6. Special XHTML tag conventions should be used to help authors to build cross references in the book for table of contents and other hyper links.

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