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Java Swing Tutorials This free Java Swing tutorial book is a collection of notes and sample codes written by the author while he was learning Java Swing himself. It can be used as a tutorial guide for beginners or a reference book for experienced developers. Topics include AWT, button, Chinese, component, event, frame, graphics, GUI, internal frame, Java, JDK, JFC, language, label, listener, look and feel, MVC, radio button, resolution, screen, Swing, text field, thread, toolkit, Unicode, menu, dialog box, editor.

Table of Contents

About This Book

Introduction of Java Swing Package

What Is Swing? - My First Swing Program

Graphics Environment of the Local System

java.awt.GraphicsEnvironment - Graphics Environment Class

java.awt.Toolkit - AWT Base Class

Testing Screen Resolution

JFrame - Main Frame Class

Creating Frames with Sizes and Locations

Closing Frame and Terminating Application

Listing and Interrupting AWT Threads

"AWT blocker activation interrupted" Error

"AWT blocker activation interrupted" Error in JDK 1.7

Displaying Chinese Characters in Frame Title

Drawing Graphics - Using paint() on Frame

Drawing Graphics - Using paint() on Component

Drawing Graphics - Using paint() on Content Pane

Drawing Chinese Characters on Frames

JLabel - Swing Label Class

Creating Labels with javax.swing.JLabel Class

Creating Labels with Chinese Characters

JButton - Swing Button Class

Creating Buttons with javax.swing.JButton Class

Creating Image Buttons with javax.swing.JButton Class

Button Action Handler at the Component Level

Button Action Handler at the Frame Level

Mouse Click Handler at the Frame Level

JRadioButton - Swing Radio Button Class

javax.swing.JRadioButton and Related Classes

ActionListener, ChangeListener and ItemListener

getSelection() - Getting Selected Button

JTextField - Swing Text Field Class

javax.swing.JTextField and Related Classes

ActionListener and DocumentListener

Menu Bar, Menus, Menu Items and Listeners

JMenuBar, JMenu, and JMenuItem Classes - Menu Bar Test Program - Menu Test Program - Menu Item Test Program - Radio Button Menu Item Test Program - Check Box Menu Item Test Program

javax.swing.event.MenuListener - Menu Listener Interface - Menu Item Action Listener Test

Item Listener on Radio Button Menu Items

Item Listener on Check Box Menu Items

javax.swing.event.MenuKeyListener - Menu Key Listener Interface

setMnemonic() - Setting Keyboard Mnemonics on Menu Items

setAccelerator() - Setting Keyboard Accelerators on Menu Items

setMnemonic() - Setting Keyboard Mnemonics on Menus

Creating Internal Frames inside the Main Frame

javax.swing.JInternalFame - Internal Frame Class - Internal Frame Class Test

javax.swing.InternalFrameListener - Internal Frame Listener Interface

Layout of Components in a Container

What Is Layout?

java.awt.BorderLayout - Border Layout

java.awt.FlowLayout - Flow Layout

java.awt.BoxLayout - Box Layout

java.awt.GridLayout - Grid Layout

java.awt.GridBagLayout - Grid Bag Layout

LookAndFeel and UIManager

Option Dialog Boxes

javax.swing.JOptionPane - Creating and Displaying Option Dialog Boxes

showMessageDialog() - Displaying Message Dialog Boxes

showConfirmDialog() - Displaying Confirmation Dialog Boxes

Receiving Inputs from Confirmation Dialog Boxes

showInputDialog() - Displaying Input Dialog Boxes

showOptionDialog() - Displaying Option Dialog Boxes

showInternal*Dialog() - Displaying Internal Dialog Boxes

createDialog() - Creating Dialog Boxes Directly

JEditorPane - The Editor Pane Class

Creating a Simple Plain Text Editor Pane

Saving Text from an Editor Pane

Editing HTML in an Editor Pane

Editing Unicode Characters in an Editor Pane

javax.swing.JFileChooser - File Chooser Dialog Box

SwingWorker - The Background Task Worker

What Is SwingWorker Class?

SwingWorker Example using done() Method

SwingWorker Example using publish() Method

SwingWorker Example using "progress" Property

SwingWorker Example using JProgressBar


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