DARE Algorithm: A New Security Protocol

'Introduction to DES Algorithm' tutorial was cited in an 'International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering' paper in 2018.

The Introduction to DES Algorithm tutorial was cited in an "International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering" paper in 2018.

Subject: DARE Algorithm: A New Security Protocol by Integration
   of Different Cryptographic Techniques
Date: Aug 25, 2018
Author: J.M.B. Espalmado, E.R. Arboleda
Source: https://www.researchgate.net/publication


Exchange of information between computer networks requires a secure
communications channel to prevent and monitor unauthorized access,
modification and denial of the computer network. To address this growing
problem, security experts sought ways to advance the integrity of data
transmission. Security Attacks compromises the security and hence hybrid
cryptographic algorithms have been proposed to achieve safe service in
the proper manner, such as user authentication and data confidentiality.
Data security and authenticity are achieved using these algorithms.
Moreover, to improve the strength and cover each algorithm's weaknesses,
a new security algorithm can be designed using the combination of
different cryptographic techniques. This design uses Digital Signature
Algorithm (DSA) for authentic key generation, Data Encryption Standard
(DES) for key scheduling, and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and
Rivest-Schamir-Adleman Algorithm (RSA) in encrypting data. This new
security algorithm has been proposed for improved security and integrity
by integration of these cryptographic techniques.



[5] H. Yang, ―Herong Yang, 2015. [Online]. Available:
https://www.herongyang.com/Cryptography/DES-. [Accessed 1 November 2016].

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DARE Algorithm: A New Security Protocol


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