.ReversedLines FileReader

'Shift-JIS Encoding' tutorial was cited in an Commons Java source code in 2014.

The Shift-JIS Encoding tutorial was cited in an Commons Java source code in 2014.

Date: Jan 26, 2014
Author: apache


 * Reads lines in a file reversely (similar to a BufferedReader, but
 * starting at the last line). Useful for e.g. searching in log files.
 * @since 2.2
public class ReversedLinesFileReader implements Closeable {
   if (maxBytesPerChar == 1f) {
       // all one byte encodings are no problem
       byteDecrement = 1;
   } else if (charset == Charsets.UTF_8) {
       // UTF-8 works fine out of the box, for multibyte sequences a
       // second UTF-8 byte can never be a newline byte
       byteDecrement = 1;
   } else if (charset == Charset.forName("Shift_JIS")) {
       // Same as for UTF-8
       byteDecrement = 1;
   } else if (charset == Charsets.UTF_16BE
       || charset == Charsets.UTF_16LE) {
       // UTF-16 new line sequences are not allowed as second tuple of
       // four byte sequences,
       // however byte order has to be specified
       byteDecrement = 2;

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