Node.js and openSSL

' - Debugging SSL Socket Communication' tutorial was cited in a blog article in 2014.

The - Debugging SSL Socket Communication tutorial was cited in a blog article in 2014.

Subject: Node.js and openSSL
Date: Jan 28, 2014
Author: Vitor

The other day I was developing a REST API with a Node.js HTTPS Server,
and what was supposed to be a direct application of basic TLS, became
a quest to find a simple but rather hidden problem.

While I was testing a REST API in isolation, I had the server running
with a self-signed certificate. Moving forward my server wouldn’t be
talking directly with the clients’ browsers, but with a proxy server
instead. For improved security (although we are in an intranet) both
servers would have to validate each others identity, so this mean two-
way certificate authentication.


The only thing I can think of would be to turn on SSL debugging on the
server ( I’ve done that before when I had issues
establishing a TLS session with a Tibco EMS server and that was the
only way for me to find out a similar mismatch of supported cipher
suites. Some more info here:

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Node.js and openSSL

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