Wireless Spontaneous Network Creation ...

'SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm Overview' tutorial was cited in a International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering paper in 2014.

The SHA1 Message Digest Algorithm Overview tutorial was cited in a International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering paper in 2014.

Subject: Wireless Spontaneous Network Creation with Energy
   Efficient Authentication
Date: Jul 23, 2014
Author: D.N.Rewadkar
Source: http://www.ijetae.com/files/Volume4Issue7/IJETAE_0714_70.pdf


Wireless Ad-Hoc networks are a form of peer-to-peer network where
nodes can communicate with each other without any central
infrastructure. In spontaneous network, devices are placed close to
each other for accessing services and sharing resources among each
other for short period of time and network is formed spontaneously
without help of any external or central infrastructure. The proposed
protocol creates and manage spontaneous network in order to save
energy of network without dropping the packets. The proposed protocol
also secure network by using symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic
technologies. An authentication technique is used at the time of
joining new user into the network.



[10] Prof.D.N.Rewadkar, Smita Karve “Spontaneous Wireless Ad Hoc
Networking: A Review “IJARCSSE, Volume 3, Issue 11, November 2013

[11] https://sites.google.com/site/danzcosmos/the-rsa-algorithm

[12] https://www.herongyang.com/Cryptography

[13] Atul Kahate (2003) Cryptography and Network Security
(2nd edition)

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Wireless Spontaneous Network Creation ...

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