Dovecot SSL Warning (Not Error)

'OpenSSL Validating Certificate Path' tutorial was cited in a BlueQuartz email discussion in 2006.

The OpenSSL Validating Certificate Path tutorial was cited in a BlueQuartz email discussion in 2006.

Subject: [coba-e:07286] Re: Dovecot SSL warning (not error) [update2]
Date: Sep 28, 2006
Author: Patrick Giagnocavo

>> If you move a certificate from one server to another you may have
>> to get a new one re-issued.
>> Certificate security is pretty tight to prevent fraud sights wrongly
>> being identified as kosher sites.
> I'm very familiar with Thawte SSL certs in a web context but not
> others and can say
> that Thawtes can be moved without issue as long as the domain used
> upon is as issued.

Are you sure that it isn't the case, that the "private" server.key file
must also be moved or copied, along with the issued SSL cert file?

> Well, it's technically doable at least with self signed certs so I'm
> half happy. Just
> need to work out how to get dovecot to use certs for the domain in
> question rather than
> just the one pointed to in the conf file. Maybe dovecot.conf allows
> environmental vars
> so certs could be referred to with local relative paths to a
> users/domains "home"?

I have found this page very helpful:

Actually the whole site is helpful when dealing with SSL!

Patrick Giagnocavo

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Dovecot SSL Warning (Not Error)

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