Character set problem

'Managing Non-ASCII Character Strings with MySQL Servers' tutorial was cited in a Zend forum post in 2006.

The Managing Non-ASCII Character Strings with MySQL Servers tutorial was cited in a Zend forum post in 2006.

Subject: Character set problem
Date: Aug 23, 2006
Author:  vpiotr

>How can i make my mysql output character display Simplified Chinese?
>And alse image and pdf document?
>What should I do?

Probably you have somewhere an encoding problem.

There are tree places you can verify your configuration:
- html
- php
- mysql

For HTML - see meta tag mentioned before by others.

For PHP - try to verify what is your currently selected encoding -
see below:
$link = mysql_connect('localhost', 'mysql_user', 'mysql_password');
$charset = mysql_client_encoding($link);
printf ("current character set is %s\n", $charset);

For MySQL you have two options:
1) session encoding (SET CHARACTER SET x)

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Character set problem

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