'Types of Information in XML Files' tutorial was cited in a news group message in 2006.

The Types of Information in XML Files tutorial was cited in a news group message in 2006.

Subject: ADAMSync
Date: Sep 1, 2006
Author: Rich Raffenetti

>I want to use ADAM to create a LDAP containing user information.  We
>need to allow directory lookups from outside of our firewall for
>members of our Active Directory.  That is, they have personal
>credentials for the AD and we will proxy the ADAM to AD identities.
>I want to sync user accounts but only those that are not disabled

A bit more research turned up that certain characters are reserved in
XML and one of them is "&".  & is used for the escape sequence to
define reserved characters. (Other reserved characters are ', ", <,
and >.)  See

So the filter below is written
(&amp;(objectClass=user)(objectCategory=person)).  It installs with
ADAMSync and syncs too!

How can I write a filter to only sync the active (not disabled)

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