Install CentOS from Bootable USB

This section provides a tutorial example on how to install CentOS operating system from a CentOS bootable USB drive on a Lenovo computer.

After creating the CentOS bootable USB drive, you can follow this tutorial to try it on Lenovo computer.

1. Power off the Lenovo computer and remove all USB drives.

2. Insert the "CentOS Bootable" USB drive to Lenovo computer and turn the power back on.

3. Wait for the CentOS installation screen after the computer finishing booting from the USB drive. If it is still booting from the internal hard disk, you need to change the BIOS book sequence to make sure USB drive is listed before internal hard disk. BIOS setting is accessible by pressing F10 at the beginning of the boot process.

4. Select "Install CentOS Linux" from the installation screen. I see the language selection screen.

5. Select "English" from the installation screen and click "Continue". I see the installation summary screen.

6. Click "Begin Installation", if you want to take the default configuration and there is enough free space on the hard disk. I see the root user setting screen.

7. Enter a new password for the root user, and create a new user "herong" with administrator privilege.

8. Take out the USB drive and reboot the computer. I see CentOS 8 running on my computer!.

Cool. Installing CentOS 8 is so easy!

Install CentOS Linux System
Install CentOS Linux System

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Install CentOS from Bootable USB

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