Network Connection on CentOS

This chapter provides introductions and tutorial on network configuration and firewall on CentOS systems. Topics include introduction of Ethernet connection with auto DHCP configuration; 'ifconfig' to view current network configuration; 'firewalld' daemon and 'firewall-cmd' CLI as firewall frontend tools; 'nftables' daemon and 'nft' CLI as firewall backend tools; 'nmap' as network scanner; 'netstat' as network activity monitor.

Setup Ethernet Connection on CentOS

Network Firewall Tools on CentOS

"firewalld" and "firewall-cmd" on CentOS

Manage Multiple Firewall Zones

"nftables" and "nft" on CentOS

"iptables" Command on CentOS

"nmap" - Network Mapper on CentOS

Monitor Network Services on CentOS

"ifconfig" - Trace Routes to Remote Host

"traceroute" - Trace Routes to Remote Host

"route" - Upate Routing Table

"netstat" - Display Network Statistics

"lsof" - List of Open Files


Table of Contents

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 Cockpit - Web Portal for Administrator

 Process Management

 Files and Directories

 Users and Groups

 File Systems

 Block Devices and Partitions

 LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

 Installing CentOS

 SELinux - Security-Enhanced Linux

Network Connection on CentOS

 Internet Networking Tools

 SSH Protocol and ssh/scp Commands

 Software Package Manager on CentOS - DNF and YUM

 vsftpd - Very Secure FTP Daemon

 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

 Administrative Tasks


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