What Is Cockpit

This section provides a quick introduction of what is Cockpit, a Web portal for Linux system administation.

What Is Cockpit? - Cockpit is a Web portal that allows administrators to carry out administrative tasks on Linux systems remotely through a Web browser.

Cockpit offers the following functionalities:

Here is a screenshot of the Cockpit Web Portal showing the system dashboard:

Cockpit - Web Portal for Linux Administration
Cockpit - Web Portal for Linux Administration

Table of Contents

 About This Book

 Introduction to Linux Systems

Cockpit - Web Portal for Administrator

What Is Cockpit

 Install and Configure Cockpit

 "Web console" Login Welcome Message

 Process Management

 Files and Directories

 Users and Groups

 File Systems

 Block Devices and Partitions

 LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

 Installing CentOS

 SELinux - Security-Enhanced Linux

 Network Connection on CentOS

 Internet Networking Tools

 SSH Protocol and ssh/scp Commands

 Software Package Manager on CentOS - DNF and YUM

 vsftpd - Very Secure FTP Daemon

 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

 Administrative Tasks


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