What Is RPM

This section provides a quick introduction on RPM (RedHat Package Manager), which is a free and open packaging system on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well as other Linux and UNIX systems.

What Is RPM? - RPM (RedHat Package Manager) is a free and open packaging system, which runs on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well as other Linux and UNIX systems.

You can get a list of RPM commands by running "rpm --help" on CentOS 8:

herong$ rpm --help

Usage: rpm [OPTION...]

Query/Verify package selection options:
  -a, --all                          query/verify all packages
  -f, --file                         query/verify package(s) owning file
  -g, --group                        query/verify package(s) in group
  -p, --package                      query/verify a package file

Query options (with -q or --query):
  -c, --configfiles                  list all configuration files
  -d, --docfiles                     list all documentation files
  -L, --licensefiles                 list all license files
  -A, --artifactfiles                list all artifact files

Verify options (with -V or --verify):
      --nofiledigest                 don't verify digest of files
      --nofiles                      don't verify files in package

Install/Upgrade/Erase options:
  -i, --install                      install package(s)
      --nodeps                       do not verify package dependencies
  -U, --upgrade=<packagefile>+       upgrade package(s)
      --reinstall=<packagefile>+     reinstall package(s)

Some commonly used RPM commands are:

herong$ rpm -q --all | more

herong$ rpm -q ftp | more

herong$ rpm -q --all | grep ftp

herong$ sudo rpm -ivh foo-1.0-1.i386.rpm

herong$ sudo rpm -Uvh foo-1.0-1.i386.rpm

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