"Head State Missing" Error on Restarting "geth"

This section describes the issue with 'Head State Missing' error on restarting 'geth' on a private network.

After growing the blockchain in my private Ethereum block, I closed the "geth" node and started it again. The "geth" node is running with no problem, but the blockchain was truncated back to the genesis block.

Here is what happened:

1. Check the block count and to close the "geth" node:

> eth.blockNumber

> exit

2. Restart the "geth" node and check the block count:

C:\>"\Program Files\geth\geth" 
   --datadir \herong\Ethereum\personal
   console 2>> geth-personal.log

> eth.blockNumber

All blocks are gone, except the genesis block. Why?

3. Check the log file:

INFO  Commit new mining work                number=7 txs=0 uncles=0 
INFO  Successfully sealed new block         number=7 hash=ab8263…a0533c
INFO  block reached canonical chain         number=2 hash=56ced2…2c1765
INFO  mined potential block                 number=7 hash=ab8263…a0533c
INFO  IPC endpoint closed                   endpoint=\\\\.\\pipe\\geth.ipc
ERROR Dangling trie nodes after full cleanup 
INFO  Blockchain manager stopped 
INFO  Stopping Ethereum protocol 
INFO  Ethereum protocol stopped 
INFO  Transaction pool stopped 
INFO  Database closed                          
   ("geth" is closed now)

   ("geth" is started again)
INFO  Maximum peer count                     ETH=25 LES=0 total=25
INFO  Starting peer-to-peer node             instance=Geth/v1.8.1-...
INFO  Allocated cache and file handles       
INFO  Initialised chain configuration        config="{ChainID: 314 ...
INFO  Disk storage enabled for ethash caches dir=C:\\herong\\Ethereum...
INFO  Disk storage enabled for ethash DAGs   dir=C:\\Users\\herong\\...
INFO  Initialising Ethereum protocol         versions="[63 62]" network=1
WARN  Head state missing, repairing chain    number=7 hash=ab8263…a0533c
INFO  Rewound blockchain to past state       number=0 hash=1019b1…220d59
INFO  Loaded most recent local header        number=7 hash=ab8263…a0533c
INFO  Loaded most recent local full block    number=0 hash=1019b1…220d59
INFO  Loaded most recent local fast block    number=7 hash=ab8263…a0533c
INFO  Loaded local transaction journal       transactions=0 dropped=0
INFO  Regenerated local transaction journal  transactions=0 accounts=0
INFO  Starting P2P networking 
INFO  Commit new mining work                 number=1 txs=0 uncles=0

Based on the log entries, I lost all blocks, because "Head state missing" on restarting the "geth" node. But that might be related to the error during the "geth" shutdown process:

ERROR Dangling trie nodes after full cleanup 

After searching Internet on this issue, I found a comment that says: "It seems a bug in geth. It works perfectly in geth 1.8.2..."

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