What Is Ethereum Account

This section describes what is an Ethereum Account.

An Ethereum account is actually a pair of public key and private key.

Here are some terminologies related to Ethereum account:

1. Account Address - The public key of the Ethereum account which uniquely identifies the account.

2. Account Private Key - A random number generated by the Ethereum private key algorithm. The private key is used to sign transactions that spend Ethers associated with the account address.

3. Account Public Key - A number calculated from the private key, The public key is used to verify the signature of the spending transaction.

4. Account Keystore File - A file that stores the private key in JSON format. The keystore file is usually password protected.

5. Ethereum Wallet - A user tool that manages Ethereum accounts, verify account balances, submit spending transactions to Ethereum networks. Ethereum is usually password protected.

6. Account Secret Phrase - A group of multiple words generated by some Ethereum wallets. Account Secret Phrase is used to recover access to the Ethereum wallet, in case you lost the password.

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What Is Ethereum Account

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