Windows 10 Mail Configuration Failed

This section provides a tutorial example on how Windows 10 Mail failed to connect email services provided by Postfix and Dovecot servers.

What Is Windows 10 Mail? Windows 10 Mail is the built-in email client tool on your Windows 10 computer.

Configuring Windows Mail to work with Postfix and Dovecot is very difficult, even after I have turned on all services with default ports:

Here is what I have tried on my Windows 10 computer with no success.

1. Search "Mail" and select "Mail (App)" to start Windows 10 Mail.

2. Click "Settings > Accounts > Add Account". You see a list of account types like Outlook, Google, Yahoo!, ...

3. Click "Advanced Settings > Internet Email (POP or IMAP)" at the end of the list. You the "Internet Email Account" dialog box.

4. Enter the following settings:

    Username: herong
    Password: TopSecret
Account name: Herong Local Email
   Your name: Herong Yang

Incoming mail server:
        Account type: POP3

Outgoing mail (SMTP) server:

  [ ] Outgoing server require authentication
  [ ] Use the same user name and password for sending email
  [x] Require SSL for incoming email
  [x] Require SSL for outgoing email

5. Click "Sign-in". It tries to connect for several seconds and creates the account.

6. Click on the "Sync" email icon. It tries for several seconds and comes back with no emails and no error.

7. Click "New email" and send out a test email message. The email is sent with no error. But nothing received on the server side.

Clearly, this is a bug in Windows 10 Mail. The email account is created with no errors, but it is not able to receive emails from the server. New email is sent with no errors, it is not delivered to the server.

By the way, I have tried a number of different port and service options, and none of them worked. See next tutorial on troubleshooting the root cause of the issue.

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Windows 10 Mail Configuration Failed

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