Mozilla Thunderbird - Mail User Agents (MUA)

This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples on Mozilla Thunderbird as an email client tool, also called Mail User Agents (MUA). Topics include installing Thunderbird on macOS and Windows computers; configuring Thunderbird for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocols with SSL/TLS options; managing server certificate exceptions.

What Is Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Installation on macOS and Windows

Thunderbird Configuration for POP3S and SMTP

Thunderbird to Accept POP3S Certificate Exception

Thunderbird Configuration for IMAPS and SMTP

Thunderbird Configuration for SMTPS Service

Manage Security Certificates on Thunderbird

Send Message Errors on Thunderbird


Table of Contents

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 Introduction to Email

 Postfix - Mail Transport Agent (MTA)

 SSL/TLS Secure Connections with Postfix Server

 Dovecot - IMAP and POP3 Server

 SSL/TLS Secure Connections with Dovecot Server

 Email Client Tools - Mail User Agents (MUA)

Mozilla Thunderbird - Mail User Agents (MUA)

 PHPMailer - PHP Package for Sending Emails

 Email Message Format and Headers


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