Postfix - Mail Transport Agent (MTA)

This chapter provides introductions and tutorial examples about Postfix - Mail Transport Agent (MTA). Topics include installing, configuring, and starting Postfix; testing Postfix using STMP commands with 'telnet'; turn on 'SMTP Submission' service; turning on Postfix server logging; using 'postconf' command.

What Is Postfix

Install and Configure Postfix on CentOS

Test Postfix Server with "telnet" Client

SMTP Submission Service on Port 587 in Postfix

Archive Emails using "always_bcc" Setting in Postfix

Move /var/spool/postfix to New Location

"postconf" Command to Manage Postfix Configuration

Turn on Postfix Server Logging for Troubleshooting


Table of Contents

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Postfix - Mail Transport Agent (MTA)

 SSL/TLS Secure Connections with Postfix Server

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 SSL/TLS Secure Connections with Dovecot Server

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