"Alpine" - Terminal-Based Email Client

This section provides a tutorial example on how to install and use 'mailx' on CentOS computers to read and send emails locally or remotely via IMAP/POP and SMTP protocols.

What Is "Alpine"? - "Alpine", a replacement for "pine", is an open-source terminal-based email client for Linux systems. Here is what I did to test it out.

1. Install "Alpine" on CentOS computer.

herong$ sudo dnf install alpine

2. Enter "alpine" to start Alpine. It will automatically find and open the Maildir/ email box.

3. Enter "L" on the main screen to list email folders. I see only "INBOX" folder.

4. Select "INBOX" folder. I see a list of emails.

5. Select an email. I see the content of the selected email.

6. Enter "R" to reply to the selected email.

7. Enter "C" to compose a new email.

Ok. Not too bad. I can use it to get all my email tasks done.

Alpine Email Client - Home Screen
SquirAlpine Email Client - Home Screen

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"Alpine" - Terminal-Based Email Client

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