Chinese Horoscopes - The Dog Personality


People born in the year of the dog are usually candid, honest, generous, righteous, studious and energetic, which makes it easy for them to attract the favor of the opposite sex.

They are kind-hearted, always ready to listen to and share other people's cares and burdens. They know how to get along well with others. Sometimes they will protect the interests of other people even by sacrificing their own. If there's someone often paying a handsome reward, he must be a person born in the year of the dog.

They seldom lose their temper, even when they're abused by other people. They do, however, flare up sometimes, but only for a moment, and never out of jealousy. When they have conflicts with others, they always try to make compromises instead of harboring hatred in their hearts.

When they are determined to do something, they will hold on to the very last. They always choose respectful careers, and are sure to achieve success by conscientious hard work.

But never count on them to play a part in settling disputes because they are not willing to involve themselves in such situations. They always guard themselves from abuse, and will only make friends with people in whom they have full confidence.

Being noted cynics, they are highly critical of misbehavior, and are sure to rise up to fight evil in every situation. When they think themselves right, they will not submit to anyone's opinion; and when they have settled something, no one is able to change it. They usually argue in a thoughtful and logical way; but when their integrity's attacked, they will fiercely defend themselves. At the same time, they will never backbite anyone, and they will rush to help when there's danger somewhere.

Gifted with a special sensitivity, they have keen insight into other people's minds. Dividing others into either friends and opponents they will not judge a person without foundation, but once they have developed on opinion of somebody, it is difficult for them to change it. Usually they will give you good advise. Pragmatic by nature, they can help those who boast to overcome their shortcomings. They often think it necessary to point out other people's mistakes so as to help them develop an objective view of themselves and the reality.

Though they don't value money very much, they have an unparalleled ability to bring in money when they are in need of them.

They always appear to be in high spirits, but actually in their hearts there is a shadow of pessimism. Sometimes they worry too much, imagining dangers around every corner.

Women born in the year of the dog are usually strong in thinking. Though plainly dressed, they like nice and fluffy hair styles that make their expressive faces more vivid. They sometimes fidget when angry, but generally they cooperate well with other people and uphold justice. They prefer outdoor sports such as swimming and playing tennis, and they are good friends to their husbands and children, always attentive in listening to their opinions and never getting in their way.

Warm-hearted and easy-going, they are always willing to make friends with other people. These friendships became deepened through usual contacts, such as visits and chats over tea, etc. And they always seem to have the friends in need.

They are energetic and ambitious, and prefer to bury themselves in work that interests them. It's a pity that they lack patience. They seldom get frenzied in love as do people born in the year of the horse or tiger, but they often show the utmost solicitude toward their sweethearts in a quiet way.

It seems that those born in the night are more aggressive than those born in the daytime. But all of them will live a peaceful life with abundance in daily necessities.

They can get along in harmony with those born in the year of the horse, snake, monkey, pig, or even the dog, but not the ox or sheep, and especially not the rooster. They collide with those born in the year of the dragon and never trust them.


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