Chinese Horoscopes - The Sheep/Goat Personality


It is lucky that the sheep is ranked eighth in the series of Chinese zodiac animals, for the number "eight" in China is an auspicious one, symbolizing peace and prosperity.

Generally speaking, people born in the year of sheep are generous, just and kind, and easily touched by other people's misfortunes. They are meek, and somewhat timid by nature. When everything goes extremely smoothly in their lives, they appear graceful, if they are artists, and are creative, if they are workers. If something goes especially wrong in their careers or other aspects of life, they will become very sentimental and pessimistic, even world weary.

Behaving gracefully and kind-heartedly, they are always respected and admired by others. They are used to guiding their own conduct by liberal rules as well as treating others with leniency. Besides being good housekeepers, they are also fond of children and pets. Though mild in disposition, they never yield under pressure. It is impossible to force them to do something. When coerced, they will behave in an intransigent way; and when challenged in an argument, they will remain silently anger rather than repeat their opinions or show their displeasure.

Pure and kind as they are, they are always ready to help others who are in need of care or money. Throughout their lives they never worry about the three necessities: food, housing and clothes. Wherever they go, they will make friends with other people, and they will treat their colleagues honestly. Those born in the year of sheep are destined to have good marriages. They will be loved not only by their spouses, but also by family relatives.

It is said people born in the winter of the year of sheep will go on rough and rugged paths throughout life, for winter is a season without the green grass that sheep to live on. Actually, whatever adversity they find themselves in, they needn't be too worried, for other people are always willing to help them. Even when they are in abject poverty they can survive on material donations from their parents or relatives, or through social protection and promotion from the rich and powerful. In all, people born in the year of the sheep can easily get out of difficulties and failures with the help of others who love them.

They like to do things that they are interested in, and realize their dreams in a natural way. When there's something they are unwilling to do, they always refuse with the greatest gentleness and patience. No one knows their true feelings on such occasions, unless they are in rage. As a matter of fact, they are good at settling disputes and creating a harmonious atmosphere around themselves.

They seldom speak in a straightforward way, especially the less well-bred ones among them, which often annoys other people. Never count on them to pour out everything on their minds at once. People must get to know them little by little. In order to encourage them to say more, people should nod from time to time to show their agreement, and always leave some leeway out for them.

It's best for people born in the year of sheep to cooperate with someone who has a strong character. Only under strict working rules and the leadership of hard-minded colleagues, can they make full use of their abilities and work efficiently. So it's best to help them get rid of their "dependent mentality."

They like to live within their usual circle. They attach great importance to their families, favorite foods, birthdays and other festivals. They usually celebrate such special occasions in a showy way, and they are extremely serious about their own birthdays. They may feel heart-broken if they get no congratulations from others.

It seems that people born in the year of sheep are melancholy and sentimental by nature. They always look upon the world passively. Besides, they are used to counting on others to cheer them up. it is easy for them to get lost and to be blue when frustrated, and to make improper choices when going shopping.

Young women born in the year of sheep like to appear sharp. They have a special interest in clothes with ruffles and ornaments. Every day they spend much time in making themselves up. They always behave in an elegant and orderly way. Besides, they like to decorate their rooms with fresh flowers, which adds to their beauty and vigor. The middle-aged women born in the year of the sheep pay great attention to personal sanitation. They are always neatly and well dressed.

Young women born in the year of sheep like to express their love for their sweethearts in a front way. They trust the men they love, and they want to stay with them every second. To those pursuers in whom they have no interest, they will pay no attention. When someone happens to hit their fancies, they will shake hands with them without any seductive behavior. When they talk, sometimes they will mean "no" by saying "yes," and "yes" by saying "no."

People born in the year of sheep are good at covering up their own weakness with petty shrewdness, and in obtaining what they want by clever tricks and hints. They are also talented in the skill of pestering. Their sincere and composed manner and their pitiful looks always prove effective in persuading other people to do them favors.

They never hurt the feelings of their friends. Sometimes they even give up taking part in social contacts in order to avoid disputes. They are sensitive, and often indulge themselves in sentimental illusions rather than jolly parties. They also like to attract others' attention and flattery regarding their talent. They would be wise to take up professions that enable them to use their strong points. Often doing some down-to-earth job is the best choice for them.

If they're not born during hours dominated by zodiac animals such as dragon, snake or tiger (every two hours of a day is dominated by a different zodiac animal according to the traditional Chinese timing system), they will not be qualified for jobs requiring a strong sense of responsibility and quick decisions. They may do jobs allowing them to have their own way within the bounds of law.


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