Chinese Horoscopes - The Pig/Boar Personality


People born in the year of the pig are steady and resolute in doing things, and honest and warm-hearted to other people. Competent and persistent as they are, they will spare no efforts in fulfilling any job assigned to them.

Though simple-minded, they always have their own opinions. They hope that everything will be peaceful and everyone happy. They can get along well with others because of their leniency and generosity, and they have patience in perfecting themselves and fulfilling their jobs, which makes them good teachers. However, they will fly into a rage when forced to, but they never harbor a grudge and stab another person in the back.

They are always faithful to friends and set a high value on friendship. They have an interest in giving and participating in parties. Besides, they are good peacemakers in others' eyes because of their honesty and trustworthiness.

The more you know them, the deeper your friendship will grow. Besides honesty, they are also warmhearted and careful about their attire. Whenever a friend is in need, they will never hesitate to help.

Their honesty and warm hearts also win them a lot of respect and help, and make them confident and happy.

You may turn to them for consolation and help when you are in low spirits. They will never snub a person, and will help him minimize his troubles.

Women born in the year of the pig like to keep their homes free from dust or untidiness. They have strong characters, paying respect to others as well as to themselves. They may devote all their efforts to succeed in the career they love, oblivious of any reward. Nobly motivated, they keep helping friends afar in secret ways, and host their husbands' friends with great attention and answer children's questions with great patience. People feel at ease with them. The places where you find them are always full of happy laughter.

However, people born in the year of the pig are quite gullible and easily believe in others, even person they know little. So it's a pity that they can't be good treasurers.

They are generous in sharing what they have with others. But they are blunt in speech and actions, sometimes just shrugging off other's insults toward them. And they are near-sighted, only paying attention to the present. No wonder they can always extricate themselves from agony quickly and worry little about misfortunes.

Their kindness to others can't shade their firmness in careers. But success is not easy for them to achieve because they are overcautious and indecisive.

Honest as these persons are, they usually achieve success by hard work rather than by cheating or stealing.

They have a strong passion and good energy and patience for their work. But sometimes their excessive energy will become the bane of reprobation. When they fail to distinguish the harm in some of the fun they enjoy, they may be easily used by evil people and sink into vice.

They will be hard-working all their lives, sparing no effort in doing everything. Though too much energy will eventually cost them, they can have smooth sailing all the same with the help of their pleasant character.

Their main shortcoming is the fact that they seldom say "no" to others, and always force others to take a mean course in doing things, blurring the line between right and wrong.

They will go into bankruptcy at least once in their lives, but they can manage to retrieve the loss in the end, and they will learn from the experience to become more clever and brave than before.

They often become extremely pessimistic or self-indulgent when they lose everything or lack the ability to help others, the cause of which is their deep belief in fatalism.

Though somewhat cultured, they lack profound insight and usually judge things by appearance alone.


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