'jps' - JVM Process Status Tool

This section describes the JVM process status tool, 'jps' for listing JVM processes on local and remote machines.

"jps": A Java tool that lists all JVM processes on the local machine or a remote machine. "jps" tool is distributed as part of the Sun JDK package and represented by the \Progra~1\java\jdk1.8.0\bin\jps.exe program file. "jps" can be executed with the following syntax:

jps [options] [hostid]

where "options" is a list of options and "hostid" is the host identifier of a remote machine.

"jps" options are listed below:

You don't need to use the "hostid" command argument, if you want to list JVM processes on the local machine. But to list JVM processes on a remote, you need to use "hostid" to specify how to connect to the remove machine. The "hostid" is a string with the following syntax:


    The communications protocol. The default protocol is "rmi".

    A hostname or IP address indicating the remote host.
    The default port for communicating with the remote server. 
    The default port is the RMI registry port (1099).
    The treatment of this parameter depends on the implementation. 
    For the "rmi" protocol, this parameter is a string representing 
    the name of the  RMI remote object on the remote host.  

See sections below for tutorial examples on how to use "jps" to list JVM processes on the local or a remote machine.

Last update: 2015.

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