What Is scrrun.dll?

This section describes what is scrrun.dll - the Scripting Runtime DLL (Dynamic Link Library) provided by Microsoft with 6 classes: Dictionary, FileSystemObject, Drive, Folder, File, and TextStream.

What Is scrrun.dll? scrrun.dll is the Scripting Runtime DLL (Dynamic Link Library) provided by Microsoft. scrrun.dll provides following utility classes for both IIS Web server side scripting and IE Web browser client side scripting:

On Windows 2000 systems, the Scripting Runtime DLL is located at c:\winnt\system32\scrrun.dll.

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scrrun.dll - Scripting Runtime DLL

What Is scrrun.dll?

 "Dictionary" Class - Collection of Key-Value Pairs

 "FileSystemObject" Class - File System

 "Drive" Class - Disk Drive

 "Folder" Class - File Folder

 "File" Class - File Folder

 "TextStream" Class - Input or Output Stream

 Managing Response Header Lines

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