XML Dynamic Key Encryption Approach

'What Is XML Encryption Syntax and Processing' tutorial was cited in an International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research paper in 2016.

The What Is XML Encryption Syntax and Processing tutorial was cited in an International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research paper in 2016.

Subject: XML Dynamic Key Encryption Approach
Date: Apr 16, 2016
Author: Shene Jalil Jamal
   Faculty of Science and Science Educations, Computer Department,
   University of Sulaimani, Iraq
Source: http://www.rspublication.com/ijst/2016/APRIL16/11.pdf

Nowadays in the era of technology, security of data is being highly
important to protect the data against misuse or data lost.
Currently, XML formatted data is used in various applications and
systems, such as e-commerce and business transactions, customer
records, producing business management reports, e-government
services etc. Therefore, the security of XML schemas is vitally
important to ensure the protection of the data, data
confidentiality, integrity, and access control. W3C and other
standard organizations have tried to establish standard features
that can solve security issues of the XML data that is transmitted
on the internet. The XML Signature and XML Encryption are
specifications recommended by W3C as the basis for all the XML
security standards [1]. This paper discusses XML Encryption and XML
Signature specifications that are recommended by W3C. Furthermore,
this study examines a new encryption approach that uses dynamic key
to encrypt XML documents. The new approach is called Dynamic Key
Encryption Method, it has been implemented on an e-commerce website.
DKEM uses a mathematical function to generate a dynamic key
(depending on the length of the XML document to be encrypted) to
perform the encryption process.

[1] Saravanaguru, RA. K. et al, ‘Securing Web Services Using XML
Signature and XML Encryption’, School of Computer Science and
Engineering, VIT University
[10] Yang, H., What is XML Encryption Syntax and Processing, 2016,
Available at: https://www.herongyang.com/Web-Services

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