.bin/.cue - the purpose of .cue?

'Where Is TOC Located on a CD' tutorial was cited in a Next Generation Emuncation forum post in 2013.

The Where Is TOC Located on a CD tutorial was cited in a Next Generation Emuncation forum post in 2013.

Subject: .bin/.cue - the purpose of .cue?
Date: Apr 23, 2013
Author: Exophase
Source: http://ngemu.com/threads/bin-cue-the-purpose-of-cue.156179/

>Im trying to figure it out. What exactly is the reason to keep the
>.cue file for emulation purposes? i see on most all threads on
>anything to do with psx emulation, that you need to have it, but i
>have yet to see a need for it.
>I mean the .cue file is just useless metadata as far as emulation is
>a .bin rip of a game, runs perfectly fine in any emulator with no
>.cue file.

The cue file represents the CD-ROM TOC
(https://www.herongyang.com/CD-DVD/CD-TOC-Where-Is-Located.html) which
is what you need to locate tracks on the CD. Without it a CD player
wouldn't know how to seek separate audio tracks. The cue file also
lets you do thing like split tracks into different files with
different formats.

Yeah you can burn a bin file using CD burning software, it'll just
give it a standard TOC that denotes one big data track, if that's even


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.bin/.cue - the purpose of .cue?

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