made a mistake and deleted USBSTOR service

'(sc.exe create/delete) - Create or Delete Services' tutorial was cited in a Microsoft Answer post in 2010.

The "sc.exe create/delete" - Create or Delete Services tutorial was cited in a Microsoft Answer post in 2010.

Subject: made a mistake and deleted USBSTOR service; how do I get it back?
Date: Sep 3, 2010
Author: ssybesma

>Used the command "SC DELETE USBSTOR" in an effort to remove USBSTOR
>registry key containing old flash drives; cannot get USBSTOR service
>started again (doesn't exist), and still cannot remove USBSTOR
>registry entry so I can delete old USB flash drives; trying to avoid
>OS reinstall.
>I should add, this is on Windows Vista Basic.


Do you know if installing this will rebuild the entire USBStor
service in the registry? That's what needs to happen to fix this,
since I deleted with the SC command at the command line using this
exact command: "SC DELETE USBSTOR"

Hoping to re-create the service, but I don't have all the necessary
details for the command line (after trying it once, it failed to

This is the command line I tried: "SC CREATE USBSTOR binPath=
"C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DEVICES\USBSTOR.SYS -k runservice" DisplayName=
"USB Mass Storage"

I found a command line for creating a different service at this

...and it was the only thing I could find that I could try to adapt
to my situation. Since it didn't work, I simply did what I did the
first time and deleted the USBStor service I tried to create.

Being there was so much guessing involved, I don't know what the
original command line would have been to create the USBStor service
and I think there are probably some other switches that go along with
the command line to create it I'm not sure about the
display name (what it should appear as in SERVICES.MSC)

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made a mistake and deleted USBSTOR service

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