Processing Web Form Input in UTF-8

This section describes how to display a Web form and process form input data in UTF-8.

The next test I did was to try to enter UTF-8 characters as Web form input. I wrote a new test PHP script with some interesting features:

#- Web-Form-Input-UTF8.php
#- Copyright (c) 2005 All Rights Reserved.
  print('<meta http-equiv="Content-Type"'.
    ' content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/>');

# Default input text
  $input =
  $input_hex = '54C3A96CC3A9766973696F6E'; 

# Form reply determination
  $reply = isset($_REQUEST["Submit"]);

# Process form input data
  if ($reply) {
    if (isset($_REQUEST["Input"])) {
      $input = $_REQUEST["Input"];

# Display form
  print('<input type="Text" size="40" maxlength="64"'
   . ' name="Input" value="'.$input.'"/><br/>');
  print('<input type="Submit" name="Submit" value="Submit"/>');

# Display reply
  if ($reply) {
    print('  text/html; charset=utf-8'."\n");
    print('You have submitted:'."\n");
    print('  Text = '.$input."\n");
    print('  Text in HEX = '.strtoupper(bin2hex($input))."\n");
    print('  Default HEX = '.$input_hex."\n");


After moving this PHP script file to Apache server document directory, I tested it with Internet Explorer (IE) with this URL: http://localhost/Web-Form-Input-UTF8.php. I saw a Web page with a form that has the suggested input text and a submit button.

However, the French characters in the default text encoded in UTF-8 were not displayed correctly.

After clicking the submit button, I saw a returning Web page with the same form and a reply section. Since the default text was not displayed correctly, the PHP received incorrect UTF-8 byte sequences:

Processing Web Form Input in UTF-8
Processing Web Form Input in UTF-8

It is interesting to note that the return Web page has a special URL which contains the input text inside the query string. The special characters are included as Hex values of UTF-8 byte sequences:


Conclusion: IE can not take UTF-8 byte sequences as Hex values in the format like &#xC3A9.

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