Installing Apache 2.4.37 on Windows Systems

This section describes how to install Apache 2.4.37 binary distribution on Windows systems. The server root directory setting needs to be changed to match the installation directory.

After downloaded Apache HTTP Server 2.4.37, I continued to install it on my Windows system:

1. Unzip You see a sub-directory called ".\Apache24".

2. Copy and rename the ".\Apache24" sub-directory to \local\apache.

3. Open \local\apache\conf\httpd.conf in an text editor and change the server root directory to match my installation directory by commenting out the original setting and copying it a new setting:

# Define SRVROOT "c:/Apache24"
Define SRVROOT "c:/local/apache"

4. Start Apache Web server by running the following command:

C:\herong> \local\apache\bin\httpd

4. Open a Web browser with http://localhost. You should see the Apache server default home page saying:

It works!

Congratulations, Apache Web server is stalled and working!

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