SquirrelMail Configuration for SMTPS Port 465

This section provides a tutorial example on how to configure a SquirrelMail Webmail site to use the secure SMTPS port 465 to send out emails through a mail server on a local network.

In the last tutorial, I managed to configure SquirrelMail to use the secure IMAPS port 993 to retrieve emails from the mail server on the local network. Now let's try to use the secure SMTPS port 465 to send emails through the mail server.

1. Change configuration to use IMAPS on port 993.

herong$ cd /var/www/html/mailx
herong$ sudo perl config/conf.pl

Server Settings > SMTP > Server: smtp.exmail.qq.com
Server Settings > SMTP > Port: 465
Server Settings > SMTP > Authentication: none
Server Settings > SMTP > Secure SMTP (TLS): true

2. Run SquirrelMail test script again. It gives no errors! If the mail server uses a different self-signed certificate on port 465, you need to add it to /etc/pki/tls/certs also.

herong$ firefox http://localhost/mailx/src/configtest.php

Checking outgoing mail service....
    SMTP server OK (220 mail.herong.home ESMTP Postfix)

3. Login the new SquirrelMail Webmail. I can send out emails through the mail server now!

herong$ firefox http://localhost/mailx/

Cool. I have completed the configuration for SquirrelMail to use secure IMAPS and SMTPS ports 993 and 465 to retrieve and send emails through a remote mail server.

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